The CardsCharlie Oscar

What happens when I play a card?

When you play a card that doesn’t have any special rules, you pay its price (unless it’s free) and you gain the resources indicated in the lower part of the card.


What are the special rules?

Many cards have special rules that offer unique mechanics for each card. To spot the cards with the special rules, look for the cards bearing a gear symbol on the top.

Hover over this symbol, and the description of the specific special rule shows up. Click on this symbol to keep the description open at all times.

i buttonTo turn on the description of the special rules on all the cards on the screen at the same time, press the “i” button on the interface panel.


What are the permanent cards?

permanent symbol

Take a look at this indicator, shown next to the player avatar.1

This means that this particular player has an active permanent card right now. Click on the indicator to see the specific card. The symbol that we display on permanent cards is similar to the symbol that we display on the cards that have special rules, except that it has a bit of green color in the middle. When you play a permanent card, it’s not discarded but rather remains active, and affects the game – until one of your opponents snatches it away from you (if they can!).


What are the secret and the criminal cards?

Some cards and Misfortunes allow you to look at the hands of your opponents. Normally, with this you’re trying to spot either secret or criminal cards.

Secret cards have their names written on the gray background.

When an opponent spots such card in your hand, it is immediately discarded.

[one_fourth last=last]secret card_nameplate[/one_fourth]
Criminal cards have their names written on the red background.

When an opponent spots such card in your hand, it is immediately discarded – plus you are arrested!

[one_fourth last=last] criminal card_nameplate[/one_fourth]


Where do the cards come from?

All the cards in the game come from the same deck that is used by all the players in the session. Once you play or discard a card, you get a new card from the deck. Most of the cards are unique (i.e. there’s only one such card in the deck), however certain cards have multiples. When the deck is depleted, all the previously discarded cards are reshuffled to get the new deck.


How do I find out more about the cards?


Right-clicking on any card in the game opens an information window with the detailed description of that card. You can learn about all the cards in the game by browsing through them. You can also access this description of the cards from the Main Menu:

gremlinopedia button


What are the Chaos Cards?

chaos cards

Chaos Cards are an extra feature of the game that players can play with, or without. When playing with the Chaos Cards allowed, you get six special cards in addition to all the regular cards. These cards are available to every player in the session, and from the very first turn.
To access Chaos Cards, click on the tab next to your hand:

Note that Chaos Cards cannot be used to move around, they can only be played for action. Once a Chaos Card is played by someone, it is discarded and becomes unavailable to everyone in this session.