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What is a Player Conflict?

When you choose where to move to on the playing field, you will see an indicator displayed over another player’s token, if you’re considering to move to the same spot (except for locations: these can house any number of players).

If you move to that spot – which another player already occupies – you will initiate a Player Conflict.


How is a Player Conflict resolved?

During the Conflict, each player bets a certain amount of  (in secret from the other). The one who bids the most, wins and pays that amount to the bank while the other player doesn’t pay anything and is arrested.





How does the behavior in Jail work?

At the start of each turn that you spend in the Jail, you must choose your behavior.

jail bad

If you choose bad behavior, you have a chance to earn resources as well as to speed up the increase in your Jail rank. However, you also face a higher chance of gaining malice and having to spend an extra turn in the Jail.

jail good

If you choose good behavior, you run a higher chance of shortening your sentence. However, you may lose some of your jail experience.

Jail neutral

If you choose neutral behavior, any of the events from the other lines of behavior may happen. At the same time, there’s a slightly higher chance of receiving an amnesty.


How do I choose a Jail event?

At every turn spent in Jail, you get to choose a Jail event that will happen to you.

You can choose the first event that’s being offered, or skip it to get to the next one (note that you won’t be able to return to the one that you skipped).


What are the Jail Ranks and the Jail experience?

Jail-ranksEvery turn that you spend in the Jail, you earn Jail experience: .
When you collect enough , your Jail rank increases.

As your Jail rank increases, you get access to more profitable Jail events. You are also able to skip more Jail events in one turn.
Upon reaching the highest Jail rank in the game, you start to earn  simply for spending time in the Jail!


Where do I find the Jail statistics?


Press this button in the menu pannel in the game to access the Jail statistics for all the current players.




What are the Elections?

Elections happen every 20 rounds. This handy indicator shows how many rounds are left until the next scheduled Elections begin.

The player with the highest number of votes wins the Elections, earns the title of the Governor and receives a prize of 1.


What are the votes?

avatar votesVotes are of one the essential game resources, they are indicated by this symbol: .

In a few cases, you may need  in order to pay for certain cards with special rules. However, generally you need  to win the Elections.


How are the Elections carried out?

As soon as the Elections kick off, the player with the least  gets 3 as a bonus (if there are several such players, they all get such bonus).

The player with the most  wins the Elections (if there are several such players, the winner is determined by random).

The player that wins the Elections becomes the Governor and receives a prize of 1.

When the Elections wrap, the number of  that every player has is halved (by rounding it down: e.g. if you had 5 votes, you will end up with 2 votes).


What are the benefits of being the Governor?

avatar gover

As the Governor, you never pay any bribes: neither on the spots, nor due to any cards played by your opponents.

As the Governor, you are also untouchable for the police: you can stop on the Police spots without having to pay the bribes or roll the dice.

Finally, as the Governor, you can grab any bribes paid by the other players (however, you get 1 for each bribe that you take – but who cares, right?).


How do I grab the bribes?


The bribes that the Governor can grab are shown at the top of the screen.

The bribes that the Governor did not grab by the time of their next turn, disappear and can no longer be taken.