Moving aroundCharlie Oscar

What are the different types of spots?

There are three types of spots:

Police Regular spots (these have round icons)

gain-cell Spots that affect players when they pass through (these are also round, but with a special symbol in their lower right corner);

ACard_IconInfernoLocations (these have the icons shaped like a small house), each of these spots is unique.

Note that you can stop in any location even when you’re passing through, i.e. if the location is one spot away from you and you’re playing a card with three move points – you’re still able to stop there.


Where can I move to?

At the beginning of your turn, all the spots where you can move to are highlighted.

When you hover over any card in your hand, the spots that you can move to using this specific card become marked out.

Each card has a value of how many spots you can move through, using this card for movement. We call this value “move points”. The indicator of move points is located in the upper left corner of each card.

Important! You can use each card either to move or to play for action, but not for both at the same time.

If you intend to play a certain card for action, make sure that you don’t spend it on moving around.


How do I move around?

To move around the playing field:

1) click on the spot that you wish to move to;

2) click on the card you wish to use for the move.

You can move around the playing field according to the arrows that indicate the direction. Most are one-way, though some allow to move in both directions.


What is the “special move rule”?


Some cards have only the move points shown in their upper left corners, and some have an additional symbol next to those – reflecting the special move rule of that card. In the game – hover over the symbol of the special move rule on the card to read the specific rule.


Where do I play cards?




In the lower left corner of each card you will find the icon of the spot where you can play this particular card. In the game, hover over a card to have a special icon appear next to the spots where you can play this card.


What happens on the spots?

When you land on a spot, you can:

1) Play one card  (from those that can be played on this specific spot). To play another card on the same spot, you will have to visit this spot one more time.

2) Use the special mechanics of the spot.  You can read more about them by clicking Spots or Locations at the top of the page.