Telegrams of misfortuneCharlie Oscar

What are the Misfortunes?

Misfortunes are the special kind of (rather unfortunate) events. They happen most often when you pass through (or stop on) the Misfortune spot:

There’s also a chance to get a Misfortune as a result of the dice roll on the Risk spot, as well as on the Gamble spotFinally, Misfortunes also happen due to certain cards being played by the opponents, as well as due to certain Jail events.


Where do Misfortunes come from?

There is a total of 30 different Misfortunes in the game. All of them are unique. Once a particular Misfortune happens, it is discarded from the Misfortune deck. When a player has the choice between two Misfortunes, both are discarded (the chosen and the other one).

The more Misfortunes are discarded, the fewer remain in the deck, and a specific Misfortune that just happened can happen again only when the deck is reshuffled. Once all 30 Misfortunes have been discarded, the Misfortune deck is reshuffled and all the 30 Misfortunes become available again.


How to choose a Misfortune quickly?

Each of the 30 Misfortunes has its own unique post stamp. The color and the shape of the stamp reflects the type of Misfortune. For example, the most dangerous Misfortunes have red stamps, and the least dangerousgreen. Misfortunes that are connected to moving around the playing field have high stamps while Misfortunes that affect all the players in the session have wide stamps, and so on.