THE BASICSCharlie Oscar

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to win by earning the highest score.
Your current score is shown inside the gear element on the avatar.


How do I earn score points?

To earn score points, you must play cards.
On the cards, score points are indicated with this symbol:   .


How do I play cards?


To play a card, you must stop on the specific spot that this card requires.
That spot is shown in the lower left corner of each card.


How do I earn money?


To earn  , you can pass through the Income spot, where – you guessed it! – you will get income .
If you stop on this spot, you will get double .
Another way to earn some money is to play a card that gives you  .


What is the price of a card?

Some cards can be played for free, while some cards require that you pay a certain amount of resources in order to play them (most often, this is money – ). The price of the card (if any) is shown in the top right corner of the card. If the amount is crossed out – this means that you currently don’t have enough resources to play this card.